Upholstered Benches From Spiral Cone Legs

Modern Upholstered Bench, 59-inch length
A high strength to weight ratio, a low center of gravity, and ridiculously good looks.
Up to 8-feet long without a center support!
These benches are made to order

Our next oportunity to make benches will be about the second week of May.
Benches ordered now will be built and shipped at that time.
Customize your bench Free shipping to contigous usa
Shape Length Fabric

Grey Tweed
Grey Tweed fabric
Grey Starburst
Modern upholstered bench, grey starburst fabric
Wavy Chenille
Modern upholstered bench, wavy chenille fabric
Greek Key
Modern upholstered bench, Modern Plaid fabric
Cream Starburst
Modern upholstered bench, Cream Starburst fabric
We also make a 38-inch bench in Dog Bone only
Fabric $600
Modern Upholstered Bench, dog bone
Blood Cell
Modern Upholstered Bench, dog bone
Dog Bone
Placed end to end these two shapes look as if they are connected
Like links in a chain or bones in your body

Modern Upholstered Bench

1938, 38" Length, 19" Width, 19" Height*
1947, 47" Length, 19" Width, 19-1/4" Height
1959, 59" Length, 19" Width, 19-3/4" Height
2072, 72" Length, 20" Width, 20" Height
2084, 84" Length, 20" Width, 20-1/4" Height
2195, 95" Length, 21" Width, 20-1/2" Height
Dimensions are the same for either shape. *38-inch bench available only in Dog Bone shape.
Heights above are for 16-inch legs, we have both taller and shorter leg options in 2-inch increments.

Modern Upholstered Bench, 59-inch length
used at any angle the two shapes look as though they are connected

Modern Upholstered Bench, dog bone

The 59-inch bench uses 1/4 as much tree to create, yet has the comparable strength of a 2 inch thick solid wood slab.
Modern Upholstered Bench, dog bone

A husband and wife team, everything here is made of our own design, with our own hands, in our home shop.

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