Thin Slab Concrete Tables

Labor intensive and heavy.
These Tables are available only as commissioned works
I am currently focusing my efforts on the Spiral Cone Legs

"Reinforced concrete is the greatest structural material yet devised by mankind" P.L. Nervi

Concrete is strong, durable, beautiful, and, as environmentally friendly as any material you are likely to encounter. These tabletops are 1-inch thick solid reinforced concrete; the upper surface has been ground and polished. This process exposes the rock that constitutes concrete as in cross section. A wide range of effect can be had by the use of different colored rock. Also, other types of aggregate can be substituted for natural stone, for instance post consumer recycled glass. The conical spiral legs, as well as the 1/8" edge of the tabletop are made of stainless steel. The legs are made of 1/4" stainless steel round bar formed and welded into a spiral cone ending at a 1-1/2" diameter solid stainless steel ball. These tables are suitable for indoor or outdoor use and are quite sturdy.

Construction Details

The Concrete table top is reinforced with 3/16" round steel bars on approximately 2" centers in two directions. These bars are individually cut and welded in place. Table edge is 1/8" x 1" stainless steel and is welded to the reinforcing bars. The frame thus created is the integral form into which the concrete is poured. This also gives a chip resistant edge to the table.
Dining Table Start
Welding of frame complete
All of those steel bars will be
Encased in concrete
Jig for welding Leg
Detail, leg atachment nuts and reinforcement steel
First dining table, fresh concrete

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