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Thin Slab Reinforced Concrete Tables

This is where the legs got there start
I needed something to go with these concrete tables
I knew it would be welded steel, but I didn't have any ideas
My wife sketched the spiral cone leg on a dinner napkin, and I ran with it
The Tables are on hiatus, though the possibility of a commissioned work is not out of the question

dining table

dining table
1-inch thick solid reinforced concrete, The 1/8" edge of the tabletop is stainless steel.
I cringe to see these first legs, with thier inconsistant spirals

attachment tab jig
the upper surface has been ground and polished.
this process exposes the rock that constitutes concrete as in cross section.
a wide range of effect can be had by the use of different colored rock.
other types of aggregate could be substituted for natural stone, for instance post consumer recycled glass, which is exquisite when polished.

computer table

coffee table
The first legs were made of stainless, the current legs are made of cold rolled steel

Construction Details
The Concrete table top is reinforced with 3/16" round steel bars, on approximately 2" centers, in two directions.
These bars were individually cut and welded in place. Table edge is 1/8" x 1" stainless steel flat bar, and is welded to the reinforcing bars.
The frame thus created, made for an integral form, into which the concrete was poured. this also provided a chip resistant edge to the table.
Dining Table Start
Welding of frame complete
All of those steel bars were
Encased in concrete
first Jig for welding dining Legs
computer table curing in background
Detail, leg atachment nuts and reinforcement steel
First dining table, fresh concrete
attachment tab jig
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